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Empower your planners with full control of your production capabilities.

Stay on schedule

Get full control of production scheduling throughout your workflow, allowing your team to manage delivery deadlines, optimise capacity and react to ever-changing demands and priorities.   

The planning module increases the transparency and visibility of the production plans, progress and capacities across the business, allowing each department to prioritise and manage their own workloads.

"Staff and machine performance can be monitored and work scheduled with ease. Tharstern has worked with us all the way to tailor the system and provide the management information and reports that we require"



Identify problem areas

Use ‘what if” and “what happened” analysis to compare actual production activity to planned so you can highlight problem areas.

Increase visibility of your business

Get automated real-time feedback for up-to-the-minute job tracking.

Streamline your workflow

Make every job workflow a smooth one by clearly identifying operations that are dependent on external events.

Improve efficiencies

Track resource usage and analyse the efficiencies of your shop floor.

Scheduling Features

Easily view late jobs
Using the late jobs view, you can quickly identify jobs that are on-time (displayed in green) compared to those that are late (in red).
View milestones for scheduled jobs
Using the 'milestones' view, you can easily identify bottlenecks. Jobs in blue indicate artwork has arrived.
Quickly identify job statuses
See the live status of each job based on customisable colour coded statuses.

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