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Why Tharstern

Why Tharstern?

Need print MIS software to help you create estimates and manage your entire workflow? Not a problem! But don’t you want more?


With Tharstern you get everything you need to run your print business and all these things too: 

Remote access 

  • Tharstern Cloud is accessed online so you can use it on any device, in any location. 

  • Tharstern Desktop uses a browser based add-on tool so you can access your MIS remotely. 

Sales and marketing tools 

  • A print-specific CRM that allows you to create targeted marketed lists based on past estimates and orders.

  • Integration with class-leading marketing automation software so you can send beautiful marketing campaigns to your targeted lists. 

Automated workflows 

  • Identify growth opportunities
  • Organize your sales team
  • Identify profitable markets


  • Both our MIS solutions are designed to support multi-sector workflows. 

  • So you always have the option to diversify if you ever want to, without having to swap out your MIS.

THE workflow experts

  • We have some of the most established connections to press and prepress workflows in the printing industry.

  • We work with all the leading industry vendors and have done for decades.  

A true technology partner  

  • One of our most valued USPs is the partnership, support and technological expertise we provide to our customers. 

  • We help our customers to continuously improve using technology, and are often told we’re “like a member of the team”. 

Okay, let's do this!

Arrange a call about our Business Workflow Software with one of our friendly team of experts.