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Automatically calculate unique packing groups per delivery location for complex multi-location campaigns

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Automated Packing for Complex Multi-Location Campaigns

When processing complex multi-location campaigns made up of many different SKUs, Tharstern will automatically calculate how many unique ‘packing groups’ (packs with a specific mix of different SKUs), and then specify how many of each pack are required per location. So while you may have 6 different stores to deliver to, there may only be 4 different pack types, and each store may require different quantities of each pack. All this is automatically calculated at the click of a button.

Tharstern can also determine the size of packaging each SKU requires by analyzing its dimensions and suggesting the most appropriate carton, tube, or envelope from the options in your database. SKUs that require packaging, not in stock will be flagged by the system. The software can also identify which SKUs can be packed inside another package, to create a sub-kit e.g. a group of tickets that goes into an envelope which then goes into a carton containing hanging banners.

For a more hands-on approach, you have the option to manually select multiple SKUs and add them to a carton, tube, or envelope without using the auto-pack functionality.

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