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Job Costing made easy with Cost Rate Manager

Job costing is an essential part of any printing business to ensure profitability. Tracking and comparing estimated against actual costs can help identify areas for production efficiencies, cost reduction, and margin gain. With Tharstern Desktop's Cost Rate Manager, you can maximize the profitability of your quotes by accurately calculating the costs associated with each job.

With Cost Rate Manager, record and track job-related costs such as material, outwork, and shipping, capture operator activities, and analyze job, operator, and product type performance. The tool also allows automatic apportionment of job costs for labor, material, and outwork following production, making job costing easy and accurate. Plus, link multiple jobs for consolidated reporting for cost sheets, profitability, and document production.

Tharstern Desktop's Cost Rate Manager simplifies the job costing process, allowing you to identify all associated costs and calculate the total hourly rate for each chargeable asset, helping you maximize profitability.

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