Cost Rate Manager

Maximize the profitability of your quotes

To maximize profitability, your quotes need to take into account all the costs associated with the production of each job.

This is a complex process, and you may be worried you haven’t covered all the direct and indirect costs associated with each machine and department in your organization.

Cost Rate Manager helps you identify all these associated costs and auto-calculates a total hourly rate for each of your chargeable assets.

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Key Features

Accurate estimates

Improve the accuracy and profitability of estimates by including all your direct and indirect costs for every department. 

Based on BPIF recommended methods

Cost Rate Manager follows the cost accountancy method suggested by the BPIF to calculate your hourly rates.

Stay up to date

Makes it considerably easier to carry out regular reviews of your costs, so your hourly rates will stay up to date.

Asset Register

Develop an Asset Register for audit trail and decision-making purposes and to simplify month and year-end processes.

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