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Flexible MIS Hosting Solutions: Cloud, On-Site, and Hybrid Options

Our hybrid MIS integrates the most advanced technologies to optimize your business operations.

Our Desktop MIS is what the industry calls a ‘hybrid MIS’ because it uses both web-based and on-premise technologies to provide a solution that is the best of both worlds - it combines the accessibility and responsiveness of a cloud solution, with the control and integration capabilities of an on-premise solution.

You can even connect it directly with your press and pre-press workflows, without needing to invest in the expensive middleware software typically used by cloud MIS solutions.

So your core MIS will remain securely on-site at your business premises, side by side with your production equipment, while your employees access it over the internet using a number of custom designed applications that hook into the MIS core.

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Cloud Hosted

Cloud Hosted Solution

Your Tharstern MIS is hosted outside of the business at either a public or third party based data center – offering high levels of availability and security.

Hosted On Site

On-site Installation

With this approach the Tharstern MIS is installed on premise and users needing remote access can connect to their on-site desktop using free or low cost tools such as LogMeIn, Chrome Remote Desktop, AnyDesk, or TeamViewer.

Hybrid Hosting - Cloud / On Site

Hybrid solution

Your core MIS remains securely on-site, while your employees access it over the internet using a number of custom-designed applications that hook into the MIS core.

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