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Infigo Software Catfish

A web-to-print integration that provides 24/7/365 access to instant pricing, ordering and inventory levels for the print buyer.

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What the integration does, in a nutshell

Print buyers can create their own estimates, place orders and check inventory balances from within a personalized online portal. The orders sent from the web-to-print platform are production ready and come with pre-approved artwork, which significantly increases the opportunities for automation.

Sales teams have the power to create their own estimates and secure the order while on site.

What the integration delivers


Print buyers can create their own estimates 24/7/365 via an online ordering portal which uses the powerful estimating engine within Tharstern to calculate the price


Customers can then amend quantities and other attributes to see how this affects the pricing


Pulls information from Tharstern to display inventory balances within the online portal


Allows users to ‘add to basket’ and place an order


Orders are sent into the MIS with production ready, pre-approved artwork

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Why would you want this integration?

To give your customers the ability to create their own estimates at any time on any day, place orders and get real-time updates in a personalized order portal. The integration also presents automation opportunities that reduce costs and improve efficiency.

What you'll need


Catfish platform from Infigo Software


The Tharstern MIS module from Infigo Software


The latest version of Tharstern MIS


Link to Catfish from Tharstern


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Watch the webinar - Infigo and Tharstern - 5 hot topics


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What's the ROI?

To give you an idea of the time and cost savings you could achieve using instant pricing, here are some calculations based on averages collected from the industry. To make this more accurate for you, just replace these estimates with figures gathered from your estimating and production team.

• 10 mins to create an estimate
• 15 mins to book in a new job
• 50% of estimates created online become jobs
Estimates created
online per day
Estimating minutes
saved / day
minutes / day
Total hours / day
10 100 75 2.9
20 200 150 5.8
30 300 225 8.8
40 400 300 11.7
50 500 375 14.6