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Remote Access Web Portal

Tharstern's Remote Access Portal for Comprehensive Workflow Management

Remote Access Web Portal

Remote Access to your on-site MIS

As the need for remote access to estimating and ordering software continues to grow, businesses require a comprehensive workflow management system that caters to their diverse needs. Tharstern's Remote Access Portal provides the ability to install our comprehensive MIS on-site alongside printing presses while employees and customers access its powerful estimating engine via the internet.

The Remote Access Portal allows customers or customer service representatives (CSRs) to create quotes and track jobs on any smart device in any location. With a device-responsive web portal, it communicates with the core MIS system using an internet connection. It allows you to view all estimates and jobs stored within the MIS, wherever you are. Even on-site with customers, you can view or create a quote and convert it to an order while you’re there. Additionally, our CRM and task management tools can be used remotely.

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