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Konica Minolta AccurioPro

A new connection from Tharstern that enables you to submit MIS jobs directly into this new product.

Tharstern Konica Minolta Integration

What the integration does, in a nutshell

At the highest level, you can create a fully automated workflow for web-to-print order submissions, so a print-buyer can place an order online and the first human interaction with that order will be when the press operator loads the paper onto the press. 

If you don’t use web-to-print, it means that your estimator can create an order in the MIS which is delivered directly to the DFE along with an accurate production plan.

What the integration delivers


Communicates job specification and job status details between supported Konica digital presses and Tharstern


Provides an automated workflow for web-to-print order submission


Delivers production ready imposed jobs straight to the press


Delivers valuable costing data from the press back into the MIS


Delivers tracking information back to the MIS

Why would you want this integration?

To create value out of those small-run, low-value jobs, you need to automate the administrative processes behind them. This integration allows you to do that.

What you'll need


Latest version of Tharstern MIS


Link to Konica AccurioPro


Konica AccurioPro and supported digital press

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