Create tracking records for your jobs, so you can trace back each order to the raw materials, processes and operators used to produce it.

Inventory traceability is an increasingly important requirement for many manufacturers, especially those working with customers in the food and pharmaceutical industries. The Tharstern MIS helps you meet these requirements, by allowing you to create tracking records for all your manufactured jobs.

You can record the batch number of delivered materials on receipt, and assign a warehouse location for each. You can then identify which jobs are manufactured using each batch, along with the processes and operators used throughout that job’s lifecycle, giving you total traceability throughout your entire production cycle.

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Key Benefits

Target new sectors

Meet the traceability standards required by customers in the pharmaceutical and food industries, and target new sales in these areas.

Improve quality

Easily track each job throughout its lifecycle, and quickly identify those affected by quality issues such as material recalls.

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