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We are experts in connected workflows

Because we’re experts in connectivity and integration, and because our MIS software has an API, you’ll never be restricted to who you can work with and you won’t be limited to one type of industry expertise.

That’s why our customers know that however their business develops in the future, their print MIS can grow with them.

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Tharstern Desktop

Integration partners

Integrating your existing or future tech stack with Tharstern Desktop is made possible through our long-established partnerships with a range of vendors and software providers covering every part of the print production workflow.


Tharstern API

Our API provides seamless connectivity to your technology stack, designed with the aim of making integration effortless for third-party developers. By utilizing commonly used conventions and best practices, our API simplifies the integration process. Moreover, its self-documenting feature empowers developers to explore and experiment with the available methods and parameters right in the browser, without the need for writing any code.

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Why integrate?

The benefits of a connected workflow

Best-of-breed applications

We’ve all heard the phrase “A jack of all trades is a master of none”. Well with print MIS software that's open to integration with other providers, you can create a production workflow that’s built by a team of masters. You can choose the best solution for each part of your workflow.

Future proof your investment

One way to future-proof your Business Workflow Software against future technological advancements is to deploy solutions that are integration-friendly. It’s then possible to incorporate these new advancements without swapping out an entire end-to-end system.


Once a business implements an end-to-end system from a single vendor, it’s making a long-term commitment to stay with them. Should something happen to that vendor, or the relationship turns sour, the costs involved in switching providers will be substantial – both in terms of cost and in time.

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