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You need to make sure any new print software you invest in is able to integrate with the rest of your tech stack.

Find out which software applications the Tharstern MIS integrates with below, or talk to us directly.

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Experts in Connected Workflows 

Because we’re experts in connectivity and integration, and because our software has an API, you’ll never be restricted to who you can work with and you won’t be limited to one type of industry expertise.

That’s why our customers know that, however their business develops in the future, their MIS can grow with them.

Every print software solution needs to be connected/integrated, do not make any more decisions about print software without looking how this piece of software fits into your overall technology stack.

Jennifer Matt, whattheythink.com

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Being a member of CIP4 for the past 16 years has allowed us to learn a lot about our partners’ products and how to integrate with them. We keep an open attitude to finding the right solution with our partners, whoever they are.


The Tharstern API

You can also use our API to connect your tech stack, which has been developed to make it easy for third-party developers to work with, using conventions and best-practices that developers are typically already familiar with. It's also self-documenting: developers can access resources detailing the available methods and parameters required and try them out in the browser, in real time, without having to write any code.

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