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Tharstern has been a pioneer on the JDF journey, enabling our Management Information Systems to communicate with key vendors within the industry.

We're integration ninjas!

We don't mean to brag but we're the experts in MIS integration.  

We have lots of experience making inanimate objects talk to each other and we're really very good at it.  

If your hardware and software speaks JDF, CSV or XML, our integration experts can bring it all together in one automated workflow that will remove many of your existing touchpoints.

"Our investments in automated systems and technology have allowed us to grow the business by 40% in under 18 months with no additional staff"

James Cuthbert
Elle Media Group


Why our software works so well with integrated workflows

Our software has been built using SQL and web services that are friendly to other providers and developers.  By making it possible for other applications to share data with our MIS and to take actions on its behalf (and vice versa) our customers know that however their business develops in the future, their MIS can grow with them.

Here's 3 reasons why being open is good:

1. Best of breed workflows

We've all heard the phrase 'Jack of all trades, master of none'.  Well with software that's open to integration with other providers, you can create a production workflow that's built by a team of masters.  You can choose the best solution for each part of your workflow and avoid any shortcomings that may arise from being limited to a single provider or to existing integrations.

2. Future-proof your investment

One way to future proof your MIS against future technological advancements is to deploy solutions that are integration-friendly.  It's then possible to incorporate these new advancements without swapping out an entire end-to-end system.  

3. Long-term savings

Once a business implements an end-to-end system from a single vendor, it's making a long term commitment to stay with them. Should something happen to that vendor, or the relationship turns sour, the costs involved in switching providers will be substantial - both in terms of cost and in time. 

Integration Case Study - Elle Media

Integrated workflows in action - Vpress web-to-print and HP SmartStream

HP_integration_datasheet_thumbnail.pngHP SmartStream

If you're looking to achieve integration with HP Production Centre, HP Production Pro or both, then take a look at our datasheet which provides the technical facts and details exactly what you can achieve with a Tharstern MIS.

See datasheet and video case study



Agfa_Apogee_integration_thumbnail.jpgAgfa Apogee

Watch how Tharstern integrates with Agfa's prepress workflow, Apogee. Our MD and Chief Integration Ninja, Keith McMurtrie, guides you through the integration in this comprehensive runthrough.

Watch Agfa Apogee integration demo



Tharstern - Agfa automated workflow at Proco Print

Proco's automated job journey

OPM_case_study_thumbnail.jpgEsko Automation Engine

Customer OPM Labels talks about the integration between their Tharstern MIS and Esko's Automation Engine.  


Watch Esko Automation Engine case study