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Our Customers

At Tharstern, our customers are at the heart of everything we do. We strive to ensure that they have the best experience with both the product and the service they receive. Here is a collection of testimonials and case studies to give you an insight into the journey our customers have with Tharstern as their print MIS partner.

Bennett Graphics Logo
Bennett Graphics
Tucker, GA

“We wanted an MIS that could integrate with a storefront solution so our estimating module would work the way we wanted it to. We were limited with our previous MIS because we had to abide by the tools on offer that didn’t live up to what we needed, and our integration options were limited."

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H&H Reeds Logo
H&H Reeds
Cumbria, UK

"We want to automate whatever can be automated to free up the team to do more beneficial tasks"

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JDP logo
Part of Venn Holdings, UK

"If you aren't digitized in the next 10 years then you will find it very difficult to operate in the industry"

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OPM Group
Leeds, UK

"We definitely learned from our earlier experience and completely amended our approach the second time. We also learned a lot about communication and how important it is to keep a constant line of dialogue open with your MIS supplier.”

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SunDance Case Study Thumbnail
2 min 20 sec
Peczuh Case Study Thumbnail
6 min 01 sec
Waunakee, Wisconsin

“It was time very well spent. It has made our estimating experience so much more impactful, as it is driving consistent pricing and job planning. The time spent has also eliminated multiple steps and handoffs, increasing speed throughout the estimating to proof approval process.”

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Colour Options Logo
Colour Options
York, UK

“In 2017 when we first looked at the system, our main concern was the size of our business. We were a small company and didn’t think we needed an MIS, but as a small business it’s important to think big. We needed to think how our bigger competitors think – it makes them more efficient, so why wouldn’t it work for us?"

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Belfast, Northern Ireland

McGowans Print is a wide and large format print specialist based across two different locations, one in Dublin and the other in Belfast.

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Wood Richardson Case Study Thumbnail
5 min 23 sec
Midland Regional Printers
Soundbite video
Q & A with Midland Regional Printers
2 min 56 sec
SunDance Logo Square
Orlando, Florida

SunDance grew steadily for many years and their amazing team adapted to every change. Unfortunately their MIS could not. They soon realized they needed to find a system that would grow with them, and a long term partner to guide them through their technological evolution.

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Digital Print Dynamics
Soundbite video
Q & A with Digital Print Dynamics
2 min 32 sec
Basildon, UK

Elle Media Group is a quality commercial printer serving companies, individuals, and around 300 charities each year across a range of sectors.

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Peczuh Logo
Price, Utah

“There was significant investment in this project and it was a monumental task to get three facilities online with all the resources, people and training - Tharstern were willing to roll up their sleeves and really dive in with us to get where we wanted to be.”

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What our customers say about us

“The most open and accessible software on the market. Easy to integrate into your existing workflow processes.”

Dan Still

“This software ROCKS! Go paperless with Tharstern!”

Scott Ludwig

“Tharstern allows us to connect to websites, databases, and equipment using API, JDF, XML, and built-in features. They not only have the tools, their people know how to use them. That experience and flexibility really sets them apart.”

Wesley Kopp

“I have found Tharstern to be the most intuitive MIS system I have used from several.”

Chris Capon

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