Real-time stock levels

Use a smartphone or scanner device to manage warehouse operations on the move e.g. receiving and moving products, inventory stock takes, and picking lists. Assign tasks to warehouse operatives from within the MIS and receive feedback once complete.

It’s hard to manage data entry processes for inventory management from an office desk. You need to carry out these processes on the move, while they’re happening.

With our new Mobile Inventory tool, your warehouse operatives can use a smartphone, tablet, or barcode scanner device to do just that. They can receive and move goods, log the receipt of unidentified customer-provided goods, access picking lists and carry out inventory stock takes.

All data and task statuses are fed back into the MIS in real-time, giving you complete transparency of your warehouse operations and stock levels.

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Receive goods

Assign Purchase Orders to goods received via a mobile device, record the delivery note number, confirm quantities and assign a new location. The MIS will be updated with either ‘partially received’ or ‘fully received’.

Unexpected items

Received some unidentified goods from a customer and don’t know who they’re for? No problem! Enter the delivery details, attach a photo of the product and assign a warehouse location. Other Tharstern users will be able to see this information and assign it to the correct job.

Picking finished goods

Assign picking lists to warehouse operatives from the main MIS terminal. Operatives can access the lists via mobile devices on the shop floor, mark the products as picked, and assign new locations.

Assigning  tasks

Assign tasks such as moving stock to warehouse operatives, who can access these tasks on their mobile devices and mark them as complete.

Stock/inventory take

Carry out stock/inventory takes via a mobile device. Scan warehouse locations and enter stock quantities. Anomalies are flagged within the MIS where users can take action to remedy these.

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