CarbonQuota Integration

Carbon accounting is becoming as mainstream as cost accounting, and we are now entering an era when it is as normal to ask about the environmental footprint of goods or services as it is about price.

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Tharstern has partnered with CarbonQuota to provide instant and accurate carbon footprints on every quote and invoice. Once CarbonQuota has carried out a Carbon Footprint of your operation the database and algorithms work out the carbon footprint of every process within Tharstern so that, for example, the energy associated with a machine running time can be allocated to a specific job quotation. At the same time, they will assess the following:

  • Substrates; paper, board, plastics, wood, and metal
  • Consumables such as inks, plates, boxes, pallets, and so on
  • Transport and distribution or postage


Once the carbon module in Tharstern is configured, your users just continue to use Tharstern in the same way – nothing changes!

You will complete the specification in Tharstern as normal, and when you are ready a file containing all the job parameters is sent to CarbonQuota’s cloud database via secure API. The job is automatically pushed through CarbonQuota’s algorithm and applies ‘carbon emissions factors’ to every single substrate, consumable, production process and distribution stage, as well as an assessment of the carbon impact at the end of life of the job. CarbonQuota provides an accurate carbon footprint for that job in less than a second.

The resulting carbon footprint value is recognisable to clients and meets the highest international standards for carbon disclosure reporting. It can be presented on a quote-by-quote basis or used for reporting purposes.


What you'll need

  • The latest version of Tharstern Desktop
  • CarbonQuota assessment of your operation and supply chain
  • Link to CarbonQuota from Tharstern
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