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BigChange JobWatch

Arrange deliveries using your own delivery fleet from within Tharstern.

Tharstern JobWatch from BigChange Integration

What the integration does, in a nutshell

Allows you to book deliveries using your own delivery fleet and receive delivery updates that you can pass on to your customers e.g. ’10 miles away’ or ‘delivered’. Once the delivery has been signed for, this will be posted back to the delivery note in Tharstern, showing the name of the person who signed for the delivery and the date and time.

What the integration delivers


Arrange delivery within the MIS


Receive delivery updates for predefined milestones directly into the MIS


Date and time of delivery and name of signee is fed back into the MIS and stored against each job


The integration is based on Delivery Notes so you can record the progress of multiple or part deliveries per job within the MIS

Why would you want this integration?

To reduce paperwork and remove the need for data entry duplication. Also to update customers on delivery progress and provide them with the name of the person who signed for the delivery.

What you'll need


The latest version of the Tharstern MIS


‘Link to JobWatch’ from Tharstern


A subscription to JobWatch from BigChange

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