Manage all aspects of a direct mail project

Quote for and manage all aspects of a Direct Mail project, including drops/cells, supplied goods and separate invoicing for postage.

Direct mail campaigns need to be quoted for a little differently than normal print campaigns. You need to be able to create estimates that consist of different drops/cells of varying items, quantities and drop locations.

Tharstern’s Direct Mail tool allows you to quote for jobs in this way, and capture all the details of a direct mail campaign in an estimate, including manufactured products, supplied items, postage and internal processes such as data handling.

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Add common processes to quote

Include common processes such as data cleansing or processing to each quote. You can also customize the descriptive text that appears in the quote for these processes.

Manage different cells/drops

Create different cells/drops for each unique configuration of products including supplied stock, client-supplied items, and print estimates.

Specify packing instructions in a job

For each cell/drop, specify the order in which the items should be inserted and which way they should face.

Invoice postage separately

Create a separate invoice for the postage costs so you can request payment upfront.

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