Manage all aspects of a job

Take control of your production workflow and have complete transparency of where all jobs are at any given time.

The job management module is a central hub that captures and displays all information about a job. Your whole team will be able to view shipping and billing information, material allocation and status, and actual and estimated activities.

Combine with our Shop Floor Data Capture module to track jobs across your shop floor and access real-time data.

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Compare estimated vs actual costs

Review all estimated costs compared with actual costs and identify workflow issues.

Identify chargeable extras

Our extras functionality allows you to identify unexpected production extras, and the ability to pass these on to the customer.

Production milestone tracking

Create product-specific customizable milestones to define critical date constraints within your organization.


Create box labels, pre-delivery notes, and shipping documentation to your out workers, whether these are single notes per job or consolidated documentation for multiple jobs to the same location.

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