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The Tharstern API

Our API provides a secure and reliable layer between data and the Tharstern application, and reduces the need for other software to query and write directly to the Tharstern database.

The API:

  • Uses a RESTful architecture
  • Is .NET based
  • Accepts and returns XML and JSON

We've designed our API to be easy for third-party developers to work with, using conventions and best-practices that developers are typically already familiar with. It's also self-documenting: developers can access resources detailing the available methods and parameters required and try them out in the browser, in real time, without having to write any code.

Watch an overview video of the API or to view a list of methods, see here.

Activities (Method)
Activities (Action)
Attachments (Method)
Attachments (Action)
Authentication (Method)
Authentication (Action)
Contacts (Method)
Contacts (Action)
Customers (Method)
Customers (Action)
CustomFields (Method)
CustomFields (Action)
DeliveryNotes (Method)
DeliveryNotes (Action)
Enums (Method)
Enums (Action)
Estimates (Method)
Estimates (Action)
EstRequest (Method)
EstRequest (Action)
Filters (Method)
Filters (Action)
FoldingHeaders (Method)
FoldingHeaders (Action)
JDF (Method)
JDF (Action)
Jobs (Method)
Jobs (Action)
Milestones (Method)
Milestones (Action)
Operators (Method)
Operators (Action)
Options (Method)
Options (Action)
Orders (Method)
Orders (Action)
Product (Method)
Product (Action)
ProductTypes (Method)
ProductTypes (Action)
ScheduleResources (Method)
ScheduleResources (Action)
Tasks (Method)
Tasks (Action)
Terminals (Method)
Terminals (Action)
Users (Method)
Users (Action)