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Putting a quote together isn’t just about getting the right prices to the customer; it’s about making sure that the business you’re pitching for is going to be profitable for you.

Quote the right price

Our intelligent print estimating software gives you confidence that you’re producing the best possible quote based on different production routes, processes and margins.  

Using the module’s product-configurator, estimators can run through a user-defined checklist of options for a chosen product, typically only having to input variables such as materials, pages, quantities and sizes.

The module then works out the most efficient equipment and imposition for that product, providing cost, margin, and price comparisons for every possible imposition on each suitable press.

So it’s taking any guesswork out of the estimating process and allowing more of your team to produce accurate quotes.  

The module supports all the major disciplines of print including digital, large format, continuous wide format and flexo.

"The algorithms that run in the background are impressive, calculating pricing curvatures, running rates and machine speeds for different substrates".

Luke Wilson
Facer Printers


Easy to use

User friendly interface requires minimal training. So even staff with limited print production knowledge can create complex quotes.

Saves time

Using pre-set templates, the module quickly creates production-ready quotes. Meaning that you can generate more estimates, more quickly, and instantly make changes to existing estimates, without having to start again.

Compare production costs

Instantly compare costs and pricing between different methods of production, and then presents different solutions for the user to choose from.

Offers multiple solutions

Provides multiple solutions including best price and best margin

Estimating Features

Optimised versions
Create estimates with multiple versions with different quantities of each and optimise laydown.  Users can label the versions with meaningful names for easy identficiation.  
Users are only presented with options that are relevant to the product they have selected.  This both simplifies the quoting process for an end user but also minimises user errors.
Mutually exclusive processes
The module allows users to enter external processes with differing cost implications e.g. a job that needs to be outsourced because of a size implication can be quoted to be run on the relevant (external) piece of equipment, rather than the internal one.
Multiple manufacturing solutions
The Tharstern MIS dynamically calculates different methods of manufacture for a single product.  With a complex set of logic working behind the scenes, changes to estimates can be done at the click of a button.

Want to know more?

To see a list of features of the estimating module, you can view the datsheet by clicking the button below.


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