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Quickly create impositions from within your MIS

In today's world of automated workflows, estimating is more important than it's ever been. Having production ready impositions is crucial and the ability to make quick changes is of paramount importance.

The Advanced Imposition module allows you to do this, giving your whole team the power to quickly plan and impose most types of jobs - books, booklets, calendars, business cards, cartons and labels - with a single click!

Supports reel fed, litho, digital and large format.

The Advanced Imposition module is powered by the market leading Insoft Imp planning tool.

Insoft Imp
Planning tool


Save time

A host of automated functionality removes the need for many manual tasks.

Save money

The module automatically considers multiple imposition scenarios to minimise the overall costs.

Improve consistency

Uses software logic to enable you to accurately predict the laydown.

Price competitively

Estimators are instantly given suggestions for the most efficient layouts, allowing them to provide the best quote.

Key features

Gang printing

Optimise jobs with varied quantities, colours and coatings across multiple sheet sizes and presses.  The module also allows your ganging experts to alter the layouts to optimise further.

Scheduling integration
Jobs to be ganged are automatically removed from the planning board and replaced by a new ganged sheet.
Product grouping

Jobs with common finishing process like lamination, coatings, foiling etc. are grouped on one side of the layout.  

Integration into prepress workflow
The module integrates the ganging process into the prepress workflow, with MIS users retaining remote approval and receiving page level impositions.  One-up jobs are auto-completed.
Automatic cost apportionment

The module calculates how much of each ganged sheet was used by each individual product and then apportions this cost back to the original job.  

Enhanced pre-setting data using JDF

Completed ganged projects are submitted downstream into the workflow retaining and preserving the original one-up PDF artwork files, guaranteeing data integrity.  Standard CIP4 imposition stripping parameters are also delivered to create the final imposition along with (importantly) accurate postpress pre-setting data, vastly improving guillotine make-ready times.

Coming soon - technical datasheet.

Check back soon for the technical datasheet for this module.


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