Tharstern Desktop

Premium Plan

Our Premium Plan takes your business operations to the next level with advanced features for creating an automated workflow. In addition to everything included in the Standard Plan, the Premium Plan offers a suite of tools to streamline your CRM and marketing efforts, manage direct mail campaigns, optimize order management and scheduling, and enhance your inventory management capabilities. Plus, with advanced features like warehousing and fulfillment, smart shipping, auto packing, and traceability, you can be sure that your operations are running at peak efficiency.

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ePS Tharstern Desktop Software Features
Standard features included in the Premium Plan:


An estimating engine dedicated to print, packaging, and graphic arts that helps you select the best option for your business, your customer and your profits! You can use the intelligent estimating logic of our MIS to quickly compare production solutions and be presented with a list of the most viable manufacturing options, associated costs, and suggested selling prices. Choose the price recommended by the MIS software or select your own – the choice is yours!

ePS Tharstern Estimating

ePS Tharstern RFQs (Request for Quote)

Request for Quote

Allow your customers or internal CSR team to request quotes quickly and easily from your estimators.

Job Presetting

Have your MIS automatically come up with the imposition layout that you would have selected manually.

(You may have seen this feature previously referred to as Layout Library.)

Job Presetting

ePS Tharstern Web Portal

Web Portal

Allow your customers or CSRs to create quotes and track jobs on any smart device in any location.

Job Management

Communicates to the team everything they need to know about the job to get it out on time, while also capturing all the activities, costs, and status of the job from start to finish.

ePS Tharstern Job Management

ePS Tharstern Shipping


Organize shipping from within your MIS, using our integrations to leading courier services. Your operators will be able to quote for and arrange shipments for orders without leaving the MIS.


Ensure you’re utilizing existing stock, identify material shortfalls, and automatically initiate purchase orders for materials and outsourced items.

ePS Tharstern Receivables



Tharstern Desktop allows for the creation and customization of Sales and Purchase invoices, credit notes, and proforma invoices. It also allows for purchase order limits and vendor invoice number entries and includes support for settlement and line discounting.

Business Intelligence & Reporting

Analyze the data in your MIS to identify trends and actionable insights, and use data visualizations to make these findings easier to understand and share.

No MIS system would be complete without all the tools you need for business reporting and forecasting. That’s why Tharstern Desktop comes with a set of management dashboards and a comprehensive library of business reports to give you the insights to analyze, understand and drive your business.

Using our integration with Microsoft Power BI, you can create easy-to-understand dashboards based on the data in your MIS. Create simple charts, or highly complex illustrations that instantly respond to changes in context. The choice is yours! 

Example dashboards include: 

ePS Tharstern Reporting & Forecasting
Advanced features included in the Premium Plan:
ePS Tharstern CRM & Marketing

CRM & Marketing

A print-specific Customer Relationship Management tool that helps you to unify your sales and marketing teams (we call it ‘smarketing’!)

Direct Mail

The Tharstern Desktop Premium Plan provides a comprehensive solution for the Direct Mail sector, with specific estimating support. Each multi-cell mailing project is fully supported, with the ability to assign separate mailing dates, weights, enclosure sizes, and notes if required. You can add items to be manufactured, alongside items from the finished goods inventory, all from within the same platform.

Our Direct Mail features also allow you to select your preferred mailing service provider during the estimating process so that mailing costs can be accurately calculated at this stage. You can even profile these costs to a customer account to allow for separate billing.

ePS Tharstern Shipping

ePS Tharstern Order Management

Order Management

Create a Sales Order manually or let our system do it automatically for you via a spreadsheet import or web-to-print storefront order. Our system is also able to handle orders from various external sources such as APIs and external procurement systems, making the process of managing repeat orders much more efficient.


Get full control of production schedules throughout your workflow, allowing your team to manage delivery deadlines, optimize capacity and react to ever-changing demands and priorities. 

ePS Tharstern Scheduling

ePS Tharstern Inventory


Manage the goods received in your warehouse and ensure you have the right balance of material in the right place at the right time.

Warehousing & Fulfillment

Your warehouse operatives can use a smartphone, tablet or barcode scanner device to receive and move goods, log the receipt of unidentified customer-provided goods, access picking lists and carry out inventory stock takes.  All data and task statuses are fed back into the MIS in real time, giving you complete transparency of your warehouse operations and stock levels.

ePS Tharstern Warehousing & Fulfillment

ePS Tharstern Smart Shipping

Smart Shipping

When processing complex multi-location campaigns, Tharstern will automatically calculate the transit time for each location, and identify a ‘Ship By’ date that must be met in order to meet the ‘Due Date’ specified by the customer.


Helps manage the packing process for complex projects. Creates packing groups for each location, and suggests best packaging materials.

ePS Tharstern Auto-packing

ePS Tharstern Traceability


Create tracking records for your manufactured jobs, so you can trace back each order to the raw materials, processes and operators used to produce it. Helps you meet the traceability standards required by customers in the pharmaceutical and food industries.

Multi company support

Comprehensive multi company support for organizations with multiple companies/divisions with shared production resources and separate accounting ledgers. Each department or site can take responsibility for scheduling and invoicing their own work.

ePS Tharstern Multi Company Support