Empower your planners with full control of your production capabilities

Get full control of production schedules throughout your workflow, allowing your team to manage delivery deadlines, optimize capacity and react to ever-changing demands and priorities.

This add-on tool increases the transparency and visibility of the production plans, progress, and capacities across the business, allowing each department to prioritize and manage its own workloads.

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Scenario planning

Create production snapshots to allow scenario planning in addition to the 'what happened?' analysis.

Production shift patterns

Create complex production shift patterns including overtime and machine maintenance schedules.

Work-to schedules and supply chain management

Integrates with Shop Floor Data Capture module to provide operator work-to schedules. Integrates with Purchasing module for supply chain management of expected material delivery and/or outsource processing.

Forward or reverse plan

Plan jobs forwards or reverse plans from the required date, highlighting jobs that are not going to meet their required production date.

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