Order, manage, fulfill

Gives you the tools to manage finished goods fulfillment, including picking, packing, and shipping functions.

Pull together all aspects of production, storage, kitting, and distribution to streamline your order fulfillment workflow. You can manage all types of products including manufactured, overprinted, call-off and bought-in. Jobs, purchase requisitions, and picking lists will be automatically created based on requirements.

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Fulfillment orders for on-demand manufactured products automatically create production jobs. When the job is produced, this releases the fulfillment order for pick and/or dispatch.

Pick & Pack

Create location-based picks based on fulfillment orders and produce hard-copy pick lists. Picks can be assigned to individuals or teams and tracked using barcode scanning devices.

Kitting & Assembly

Orders for assembled products, or kits, create the necessary jobs to assemble the components and seamlessly integrate with call-off, on-demand, and pick and pack fulfillment.

Stock Call-off

Create orders for managed products, that automatically create replenishment production jobs or, where appropriate, purchase orders to suppliers.  Call-off products can be invoiced up-front at the time of manufacture and a handling charge applied at the time of call-off.

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