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Technology Guide for Printers

This page refers to the overall software used to run every aspect of a printing company and is also known as Print MIS and Print ERP  software. If you are looking for information about the software used to manage Prepress and Imposition processes specifically, head to Workflow Software.

Workflow Management Software (WMS)

Another term used to describe a Print MIS – please see our description of a Print MIS solution and the functionality contained within this type of software.

Workflow Management Software is sometimes also called Management Workflow Software and is sometimes abbreviated to WMS or MWS. It’s basically just another term for a Management Information System and is a phrase that’s used by MIS providers as a way of getting across the fact that our solutions do much more than provide Management Information, and in fact provide more comprehensive, end-to-end functionality that printing companies can use to ‘Manage’ their ‘Workflow’.

You may also find this software referred to as:

  • Print Workflow Management Software
  • Print Management Workflow Software
  • Print Management Workflow
  • Workflow Management Software for Printers
  • Management Workflow Software for Printers

Why don’t we use this phrase?

We actually use two different phrases to describe our software – ‘Print MIS’ (as you would expect) and also ‘Business Workflow Software’. We use the first because that’s the phrase that Google says people are searching for, so we have to go with that to make sure our target market finds our website, and we use the second because this is the phrase we think most adequately represents what our software is for i.e. to manage the whole Workflow in a Business, and not just the Production or Prepress side of things (which Workflow Management System might suggest).

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