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Technology Guide for Printers

Management Information System (MIS)

A print management information system, more commonly known as Print MIS, will sit at the heart of your business and help you run all the departments in your print business from one place.

This is the most common phrase for referring to the software printing companies use to manage their business. The term came about back in the 1980s when these software applications did two things only – help printers create estimates and provide management information. Print MIS solutions have completely evolved from these times and do so much more than that now. They are a complete end-to-end solution for everything from sales and marketing to production and invoicing and everything in between.

These are the key functions that a print MIS system will help you deliver:

  • Managing sales and marketing contact records
  • Creating estimates and quotes
  • Checking inventory and ordering substrate
  • Turning estimates into orders and jobs
  • Managing proof approvals
  • Planning and scheduling the production of jobs
  • Assigning warehouse stock to jobs
  • Picking and packing orders
  • Creating delivery notes
  • Producing sales invoices
  • Posting financial information to an integrated accounts package
  • Arranging delivery via a courier

Because of their all-encompassing nature and integration capabilities, MIS solutions for printers tend to be used as the central hub for a workflow. So the other software applications used by printers are connected to the MIS solution, and the MIS passes information back and forth, providing a joined-up connected workflow.

You may also see MIS software referred to as: