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We believe in the power of being bionic, of harnessing the power of TECHNOLOGY and PEOPLE and helping them work together, to achieve something remarkable.

That's why we created Tharstern Cloud for labels - a powerful workflow management system that gives you the power to do cool things with technology AND build an engaged culture.

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An MIS with unparalleled connectivity

Using our API First approach, we’ve created an MIS that you can connect to anything you want, using your own team.


Built on
cloud-native technologies

This is not just a web-based MIS that’s been migrated to the Cloud – our MIS solution offers world-class security, availability and almost unlimited scalability!


With built-in employee engagement tools

Use your MIS to communicate and engage with your employees and measure their happiness and satisfaction levels. 

Take a look at what you can achieve with Tharstern Cloud for Labels


Conventional v Digital v Hybrid

Helps estimators find that optimal crossover point by automatically considering conventional, digital, and even hybrid printing without the estimator needing to change process or production specification.



As well as supporting an unlimited number of sorts, our quoting system gives the estimator the ability to optimize production runs by planning sorts across each lane, as well as identification of same color plate changes.



Helps the estimator find suitable cutters from their existing library as well as automatically calculating costs of alternative new cutters for optimal production.



With the addition of digital printing and high gamut color range, estimating allows the comparison of simulated Pantone colors against pre-mixed inks without the need to change the product specification.



Organize the products your business sells into an easy-to-use catalog. Catalog items can be any manufactured product, goods item you resell, or even raw materials. They can be generic or customer-specific and have their own pricing method and availability periods.



Price methods support cost plus, value based and unit price. All price methods can be scaled based on value or quantity, for unit price methods. For example, VA can be reduced the higher the sales value.


API first

We created Tharstern Cloud using an API First Approach, which means that every single data object within the MIS is accessible for you to read, write and interrogate. So your developers can easily connect Tharstern Cloud to other software applications and instruct it to carry out actions such as creating quotes.



Link Tharstern Cloud to 3000+ cloud products such as Slack, Trello, and Mailchimp, using the Zapier automation platform.


Quote Kanban

Use our Quote Kanban to stay organized and quickly identify quotes that need following up.



Create tasks for yourself and your colleagues and assign due dates, set reminders, and specify required actions and priorities. All tasks are accessed in a neat dashboard, where you can create filtered views and save them for later use.


Tharstern  Academy

Tharstern Academy is our online learning platform, offering training classes, on-demand videos, and a variety of certification programs for different learning pathways. Our implementation team also uses this platform to deliver live classroom-style sessions, set “homework” and conduct one-to-one learning.


Virtual noticeboard

Improve communication and employee engagement by creating a virtual noticeboard for your company on Tharstern CloudAdd your social media feeds, announcements, corporate news and events – anything you want! You can make use of our free read-only licenses, to ensure that all your team are kept up to date with company news. 


Employee engagement measurement

Measure and monitor how engaged your employees are using the employee engagement dashboard. Questions are delivered directly via Tharstern Cloud, and the results measured on the themes of Belonging, Health, Happiness, Manager Relationship, Teamwork, and Progression, along with an overall engagement score tracked over the last 12 months to show progress.

Tharstern Cloud has been built on cloud-native technologies, so it’s not just a web application that’s been migrated to a Cloud platform! This means it has the following benefits.



Connect through your web browser, no matter what device you’re on and where you are in the world.


Always  up-to-date

No need to worry about any system updates, we will apply these remotely with minimal disruption during low-usage times.


World-class security 

We only use world-class data centers with the very latest security certification. 



Our software is always online, whenever you need it. 


Almost unlimited scalability 

Get exactly the right amount of computing power and IT resources that you need, whenever you need it and wherever you are. 


Custom fields

Standard across the entire system is a powerful custom field feature. Allows companies to add any type of attribute to all areas of the product.  These can be used to help analyze data, store internal or customer-specific reference information, and can be accessed by a powerful search engine.


Performance dashboard

Easily see how your company is performing relative to sales targets. Filter by sales person, market sector, customer and product type or a combination of all four.


Powerful search engine

Search every data object in your MIS, including custom fields, using the powerful search engine designed for real-life, natural search.

interested in being a beta site?

We publicly announced Tharstern Cloud in July 2021, and will be releasing it commercially in Q1 of 2022. We are currently looking for innovative label companies who would like to be part of our beta programme, and contribute to the development roadmap of Tharstern Cloud. To get involved and get your hands on this exciting piece of technology right now, just fill in the form below.