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Technology Guide for Printers

Another term used to describe a Print MIS – please see our description of a Print MIS solution and the functionality contained within this type of software.

Print Management Software

Print Management Software (sometimes known as a Print Management System), is another term you may hear in place of ‘print MIS’ and is also used to describe the software solutions that are used by printing companies to manage their entire business workflow.

The two solutions are essentially the same and offer the same features and benefits to printing companies, providing them with a system to manage the entire lifecycle of a job – from the initial sales and estimating phases, through to production and delivery and beyond.

Why don’t we use this phrase?

While this phrase does get used interchangeably with the phrase ‘Print MIS’, it also has another meaning. It can also refer to the software used to help companies (outside of the print sectors) to manage print servers, drivers, and queues. So to avoid any ambiguity we avoid using this phrase. You may see some other MIS providers add additional words to make this more specific e.g. ‘Print Shop Management Software’ or ‘Print Business Management System’ but we try to avoid doing this just to be super clear.

You may also find variations of this phrase used to describe exactly the same thing, for example:

  • Print Shop Management Software
  • Print Order Management Software
  • Print Business Management System
  • Business Management Software for Print
  • Management Software for Print