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Technology Guide for Printers

Print Estimating Software

This type of software is very closely related to a Print MIS solution but has only part of the functionality of a full Management Information System. Print Estimating Software, as you might guess, provides functionality for printing companies to estimate the costs of a printing job, and apply a markup (using various different methods of pricing, dependent on both the company using it and the functionality provided by the software provider) and then create quotes using the costs + the markup costs.

Estimating software for printing jobs is different than an MIS solution because it does not provide the full range of functionality to cover the entire business workflow within a printing business. So while estimating software covers the initial estimate/quote part of the workflow, MIS software will also provide financial administration features, scheduling tools, ganging, and Impositioning functionality, and warehousing and inventory tools, amongst other things.

Print Estimating Software is sometimes referred to as:

  • Cost Estimator Software
  • Print Shop Estimating Software
  • Print Job Estimating Software
  • Print Quoting Software
  • Print Pricing Software
  • Job Estimating Software
  • Job Pricing Software for Print
  • Estimating Software for Printing Companies
  • Estimating Software Packages

Why don’t we use this phrase?

We don’t use any of the above phrases relating to Print Estimating Software because they do not cover the full breadth of functionality that is covered by our MIS solution. While our MIS did indeed start off being an estimating solution back in 1984 when our founder first started our company, its functionality has grown significantly since then, to become an end-to-end business workflow solution.