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Technology Guide for Printers

Another term used to describe a Print MIS – please see our description of a Print MIS solution and the functionality contained within this type of software.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

You may see the term Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP used interchangeably with ‘MIS’ because it also describes software that organizations use to manage day-to-day business activities. However, ERP solutions are not print-specific, so while they deliver most of the same functionality of a Management Information System, they do not typically include built-in functionality to create estimates and quotes for printed jobs, nor the related functionality required to carry this extra information through to production or compare estimated vs actual job costs. They do however offer additional functionality such as Project Management, accounting ledgers, or HR software. This is why ERP software tends to be used by very large manufacturing companies outside of the print industry.

While there are some very large printing companies that use ERP solutions, these companies tend to integrate their ERP with an MIS solution to provide the print-specific features described above. Indeed we have several customers who fit this profile and that integrate their ERP software with the Tharstern MIS.

You may also see ERP solutions referred to as Enterprise Print Management Software or Enterprise Print Management System.

Why don’t we use this phrase?

At Tharstern we do not use the phrase ‘Enterprise Resource Planning’ because we are a print-specific solution that delivers all the functionality required to create quotes and estimates for print jobs, make these jobs production-ready, and carry out job costing analysis. This functionality is missing from an ERP solution so is not relevant terminology for Tharstern.