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Technology Guide for Printers

Courier / Shipping Software

Shipping couriers such as FedEx or UPS provide companies with web-based shipping applications that allow them to prepare shipments, define shipping rates and transit times, and also schedule collections.

Many printing companies already use this delivery management software to manage their courier deliveries but left unconnected to the workflow, users are required to switch applications and rekey data, which increases the administrative time to process each order. By integrating your shipping software with your MIS solution, you can eradicate this need for data re-entry, and organize deliveries without leaving your MIS system.

Some examples of courier management software that integrate with Print MIS software:

How an MIS connects to courier software:

To integrate this type of courier delivery software into your print MIS solution, you will need to speak to your MIS partner. They may already have established integrations in place, but can also work with you on custom integrations too. Connecting an MIS with shipping software is typically done using an API.

What can be achieved:

We’ve used our integration with FedEx to demonstrate what can be achieved by integrating an MIS with a courier service. Here’s what you can do:

  • Select a delivery service within the MIS
  • Create the consignment in the Couriers software system
  • Print shipping labels, generated from the Courier’s system, from within the MIS
  • Get feedback from the shipping provider about key milestones e.g. dispatch and completed delivery, details of which are assigned to the order within the MIS.
  • Add the name of the person who signed for delivery into the order within the MIS.