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Bennett Graphics is one of the world's most recognized printing companies. They are leaders in dimensional graphics, point of purchase, fundraising, direct mail, eCommerce and design.

Bennett Graphics is heavily invested in digital printing, offset, wide format and robotic finishing. The first production model HP 100k in the country was installed in their plant. Today you'll find the 100k, a 12000, 7800 and 6800, not to mention inkjet, offset, latex and Sensational enhancements. They’re leaders in these technologies and can help clients be more productive.


Bennett Graphics were struggling with their previous print MIS. They weren’t getting the support they wanted. They would ask questions or ask for new features and they didn’t get any answers or understanding. On top of that, one of the main reasons they decided to look for a new MIS was that they wanted connectivity across the board from their print MIS to other best-in-class solutions. In particular, they had built offline instant estimating tools (the previous MIS did not have these) and discovered their close rate on instant estimates was considerably higher. This made prioritizing an integrated estimating solution a high priority for the company.


“We wanted an MIS that could integrate with a storefront solution so our estimating module would work the way we wanted it to. We were limited with our previous MIS because we had to abide by the tools on offer, some of them were phenomenal but others just didn’t live up to what we needed, and our integration options were limited.” Adam Seiz, Vice President of Operations.

Bennett Graphics wanted to speed up the initial stages of their print workflow and find a print MIS that they could easily integrate with other solutions, to create a workflow that worked for their business. But they also wanted an MIS partner they could rely on to help them when they needed support and when they had ideas for new features.


Bennett Graphics has accomplished its goal of increasing its close rate and has integrated it's HP Indigo presses with Tharstern, so they are now gaining direct information on time, materials, and clicks in Tharstern and are building up its business reporting with Power BI.

In the next few months and into 2023 they will be looking into a new shipping module, “There are a handful of other integrations we’re working on and it’s great to have the opportunity to try all these different options because of how flexible the Tharstern MIS is.”


When they were looking for a new MIS, there were limited options on the market that was different from the MIS they currently had. They looked at a few, but when coming across Tharstern, their search ended.

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“When we came across Tharstern, we knew we’d found something that met all our requirements so we didn’t look any further. The demos were all great but we knew things can be completely different when looking into the back end of the software and seeing how it would fit in with our processes, but Tharstern showed us we could do it.”

Tharstern met all Bennett Graphics criteria and had been recommended by someone they trusted, so they called off the search and started their journey with Tharstern.

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"We were limited with our previous MIS because we had to abide by the tools on offer, with Tharstern we don't have these limitations."
Bennett Graphics
Adam Seiz

Vice President of Operations