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We help our large format customers easily manage complex multi-element campaigns from estimating through to production, delivery and even installation.

What they need

Large format is a growing sector in the print industry - not only are large format businesses growing in size, but more and more commercial printers are expanding their offering by investing in wide format equipment.

But this type of work comes with its own unique requirements, and an MIS for a wide format company needs to be able to cope with complex campaigns. 

So they need an estimating tool that easily creates complex multi-element estimates. They need to be able to gang jobs together and deliver the separate elements as one order.  And they need to be able to track any extras generated from the installation process to ensure that they're staying profitable. 

Within a month we were seeing value from the new business workflow, and it was realising a return on investment after around six months.

Elephant Print & Display

Their challenges

Quoting for complex campaigns

Wide format companies need to be able to produce complex estimates for large campaigns that can also contain elements like layers, fixtures, and installation. They need estimates that are made up of different elements for the customer to select from, and to easily convert the chosen elements into jobs.

Tracking the installation process

Tracking jobs through production is a common need in the printing sector, but wide format companies often need this tracking to continue through to the installation process too. They need their installation team to be able to send updates on progress and to record any extras they encounter, such as unclean areas or faulty electrics.

Production efficiencies

Wide format jobs are made up of different shapes and sizes, and our customers want to gang them together to get maximum production efficiency. They also need to assign dependencies to jobs in the same campaign so they’re all produced, packed and delivered together as one job.

Sales and marketing

Many wide format providers want to increase the number of large enterprise-level retail companies they have in their customer base. And so our wide format customers need a CRM that allows them to keep track of their sales activity and report on their pipeline progress and sales forecasting.

How we help

We help wide format companies find new customers and give them a way to organise their sales team and record sales and marketing activity.

We help them meet the complex requirements of their customers, giving them the toolkit to respond quickly with professional estimates and provide real-time order updates to their customers. We also help them to produce jobs more efficiently and give them the ability to record extras and recover any costs incurred.

Intelligent estimating engine

Using our Estimating module, customers can create complex estimates using predefined products that include layers, finishings, fixtures, installation, even travel time!  The estimating engine will then calculate all possible production solutions based on the equipment available including cheapest, best value-added and best contribution. Estimates can be created with sub-elements to allow quotes for large complex campaigns that the customer can then cherry pick elements from.

Process complex multi-element orders

Tharstern users can take the pain away from their customers by allowing direct imports of complex orders in spreadsheet format, without the need for estimate creation. The individual elements of the order are marked as dependent on each other so that they can be produced, picked, packed and delivered as one complete job.  

Track jobs and extras through to installation

Using the Job Tracking module, our customers can track the progress of a job across the shop floor and even into installation. When on-site the installation team can use tablet devices to confirm when work has started or finished, so the MIS knows instantly how a job is progressing and your customer can be updated. Any extras encountered on site can be flagged directly into the MIS, along with photographic evidence and comments. Installers can also perform H&S and QA checks.

Increase sales and track prospects

Our CRM module allows users to store key contact data, track the progress of their sales pipeline and record prospect activity e.g. calls, emails, visits.  They can also create targeted campaigns and sales strategies based on previous quoting and ordering history. Integration with marketing automation software such as Hubspot allows the sales and marketing teams to collaborate and work from the same system.  

Gang complex jobs for greater efficiency

With the increased demand for production efficiencies throughout the industry, having production ready impositions is crucial and the ability to make quick changes is of paramount importance. Our Advanced Imposition module allows users to do just this, giving their whole team the power to quickly plan and impose most types of jobs with a single click!

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