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We help our packaging customers by providing a bespoke solution that meets their specific needs.

What they need

The MIS choices available to packaging companies have historically been limited to bespoke solutions, often based on enterprise solutions or limited systems from smaller suppliers.  But our packaging customers demand more and want an easy-to-use MIS that’s bespoke to their industry and needs.

They want to be able to measure the KPIs that will allow them to produce accurate estimates, analyse costs and highlight key markets.  They’re also looking to streamline their production workflows and business operations, integrating their MIS with their prepress and press workflows.

“Tharstern is the Rolls Royce of MIS in the printing industries”

Richard Simms
MD, Oriel

Their challenges

Forecast demand

Packaging companies need to forecast customer demand for specific SKUs and be able to record information about factors that alter this demand including seasonal items and new product launches.

Analyse costs

It’s crucial for packaging companies to be able to analyse costs so that management have visibility of which end-markets, products and customer relationships are profitable with growth potential.

Reduce administration

Our customers are looking to simplify their administrative processes and streamline their business operations without employing additional human resource.

Integrate press and pre-press workflows

Packaging customers want to integrate their MIS with their prepress and press workflows including CAD based systems.

How we help

The Tharstern MIS has been designed specifically for the printing, packaging and label industries and helps our customers meet the above challenges head on.  With specific functionality for packaging companies and integration to CAD based systems, our customers are able to introduce automation, increase efficiency and improve margins.


Our sales and marketing tools allow our packaging customers to plan ahead and to create marketing campaigns that are targeted and measurable.

Trend analysis
Our CRM and marketing tools help our packaging customers to analyse trends so that they can more effectively forecast future demand. The CRM allows them to record information bespoke to each customer, highlighting key information that can be used to factor in things like seasonal trends.
Streamlined workflows
We help our customers reduce administration by hooking up the different departments they have through one central MIS system and providing information about the entire workflow to everyone who needs it.
Job costing
The Tharstern MIS allows packaging businesses to produce accurate estimates and analyse jobs costs to make sure that they’re meeting margin requirements. Raw material price increases can be easily added to the estimating module to ensure that they're passed on to the customer, wherever possible.

Tharstern are a leading expert in integration in the printing industry and our integration experts help our customers to integrate their MIS with their prepress and press workflows, joining up hardware and software to reduce the need for human intervention.



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