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An on-demand video streaming service for printers. A series of fun and informal programme streams designed to help you make the most of technology.

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Chat show style discussions about how and why to integrate your technology stack.

workflow automation for large format signage printers

Workflow Automation for Large Format Printers

A video-based webcast for point of sale and large format printers who want to kick-start their workflow automation journey to improve efficiency, or already have some automation in place, but want to take it to the next level.

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Workflow Automation for Packaging Printers

Workflow Automation for Packaging Printers

This video-based webcast is for Packaging Printers who want to kick-start  their workflow automation journey to improve efficiency, or already have some automation in place, but want to take it to the next level.

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Integrating an MIS to a Fuji XMF workflow

Integrating an MIS to a Fuji XMF workflow

Our CEO Keith is joined by one of Fuji’s top integration experts and our very own John Murphy to discuss the common challenges faced with integration projects.

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Flex4 Webcast Cover-1

Web-2-Print Integration with OPS from Flex4

David Whiteley from Flex4 joins Lee Ward and Paul Cook to discuss integrating a web-2-print with an MIS and how our Tharstern<->OPS integration works.

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Agfa Webinar Thumbnail

Integrating your MIS with Agfa Apogee 

A look at the comprehensive integration we’ve achieved with Agfa Apogee, and a chat-show style discussion with Agfa's integration specialist Mark Gallucci.

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Integrating your MIS with Kodak Prinergy

We're joined by René Mølsted  and Peter Hulsmans to demonstrate what can be achieved by integrating an MIS with the Kodak Prinergy workflow.

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Candid discussions about the business challenges faced by print leaders, hosted by our CEO Keith McMurtrie and our CBDO Lee Ward.

Bounce back strategy for Sales and Marketing

A Bounce Back Strategy for Sales & Marketing

If you're a printing company in need of some inspiration to restart and refresh your sales and marketing plan for 2020, then we've got a great session for you!

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pricingb webinar thumbnail 2

Now is the time to review your pricing strategy

Learn how to re-think your pricing strategy and analyze your business so you know which products, sectors and customers are making you the most money.

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streamline webinar thumbnail tharsterntv

Use your MIS to streamline and communicate in a new era for business

Use technology to improve communications with your customers and employees, unify roles,  and streamline your processes.

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spending webinar thumbnail tharstern tv


Now more than ever, businesses need to have tight control of their spending. Find out how you can use your MIS to do this.

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thumbnail sales marketing webinar in action

Adapt your sales and marketing strategy for COVID-19

Print businesses now need to adapt their sales and marketing approach to a new post-COVID-19 reality. We'll be joined by two industry experts in sales and marketing.



 Embarking on a new MIS implementation project? We’ll tell you what to expect and how to get it right.

Host Ross interviews Bali and Rowan, Tharstern's implementation experts

The 9 steps of an implementation project

3 of Tharstern’s finest implementation nerds discuss the 9 stages of a typical implementation project and share some advice about how to ace each one.

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Host Ross interviews MIS implementation experts Rowan and Bali

The 3 most important tools for your MIS implementation

Find out what our implementation experts think are the 3 things that have the biggest impact on an implementation project.



For Tharstern customers only, to help you make the most of your Tharstern MIS and update you on new features and tools.

Customer Happiness Portal

Introduction to the Customer Happiness Portal

Our Customer Partnership Managers interview with our Head of Customer Happiness, Paul Cook, about how to use the Customer Happiness Portal. Even if you know how, it's worth a watch for the custard pie!

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Paul and Mark-1

Introducing the Mobile Inventory Tool

Learn all about our new web app designed for use on today’s latest handheld barcode scanning devices. Warehouse personnel can now perform a full range of inventory tasks without requiring access to a Tharstern terminal.

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Layout Library Update

New features for the Layout Library tool

Watch this short demonstration from our Integration Specialist, John Murphy, where he showcases some brand new feature updates to our imposition tool - the Layout Library - and tackles some customer submitted layout requests.

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housekeeping webinar

Clear out the clutter!
Spring clean your MIS

Why not treat your Tharstern MIS to a bit of a tidy up and clear out some of the cobwebs that have gathered. Find out how you can tidy up your documents, clean up your data and organize your records. 

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business man working from home on laptop computer

Remote Working with the Tharstern MIS

Almost every business has been forced to reconsider home working options this year. We've joined up with Computer and Network Consultants Ltd (CNC) to deliver a webinar on the longer term options for using Tharstern MIS remotely.

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Tharstern launch laptop screen

Hidden Gems Within Your Tharstern MIS

In this session, our Head of Customer Happiness, Paul Cook. will be showing you some of the cool functionality within your MIS that you might not know about. This is always one of our most popular presentations at our user events, it’s one to watch!

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