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Sage developer partner PaperLess Europe has built an integration with Tharstern to make it even easier for Tharstern’s print MIS users to manage documents, process invoices, and streamline invoice approval routines.  

PaperLess Europe has over 20 years of experience in developing document management solutions which are currently used daily by thousands of Sage users across the UK and Ireland.  

The integration was formed based on H&H Reeds, an existing Tharstern customer, who selected PaperLess Europe after searching for software to help them digitize their invoices. H&H Reeds previously had a paper-orientated invoicing process, sometimes photocopying a document 5 or 6 times and posting it out to their other locations which were extremely time-consuming and could be expensive.  

“While we had to review several internal procedures and the like, our staff can now focus on more added value work rather than mindless data entry. There has been an impact for our suppliers in that our purchase order procedures and accuracy have improved, and we are able to “buy smarter” using the time we regained.” Anthony Donnelly, Commercial Manager at H&H Reeds.  

There are various features available with the integration including automatic invoice recognition for Tharstern, matching, and closing of purchase orders within the Tharstern MIS, and full invoice processing automation.  

Diogo Cavazzini, Product and Marketing Director at PaperLess is looking forward to getting more printing and packaging companies on board with the software, “The success we’ve seen at H&H Reeds has really opened doors for future functionality between the two systems and shown us what print companies can achieve with the integration.” 

The integration is available for Sage 50 and Sage 200 users. Both companies have recorded a short webinar to go through the benefits and give a demo of the two systems working together. You can watch the webinar here which is part of TharsternTV’s new Partner Integration series. 

Bionic Estimating: People, Process & Tech Power

Bionic Estimating: People, Process & Tech Power

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