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As three companies that constantly review their technologies, it was no surprise when Precision, Proco, and Prime merged they decided to re-evaluate their MIS. After an in-depth, 8-system review, Precision Proco decided to renew with their long-term partner, Tharstern.  

“The market has changed so much over the past few years so we wanted to make sure we had the right solution for us. Each individual business was already using Tharstern but technology has changed a lot since we first invested in a Tharstern system, so we needed to make sure that solution was still right for us.” Paul Mason, Group Commercial Director, Precision Proco.  

 The Precision Proco team considered several alternatives to the Tharstern MIS and included both cloud-based and on-premise solutions in their evaluation project. But the comprehensive functionality of their MIS, and the knowledge and support provided by their team, made Tharstern the clear winners. Tharstern’s new Hybrid approach to MIS was a bonus for Precision Proco – the main MIS is hosted at one site with the other sites accessing it like it was on their own site with the added benefit of the new Remote Access Portal, a browser-based platform providing access to staff and customers from anywhere for generating a request for quotes, estimates, booking in jobs and progress chasing orders. 

“We are thrilled Precision Proco Group have decided to continue with us as their MIS partner. We’ve been part of each individual company’s development over the past few years and we’re really looking forward to bringing the companies together onto one system.” Lee Ward, CRO, Tharstern 

One of Precision Proco’s key goals is to “make print easy to choose and easy to use” and they see Tharstern as the backbone of how they achieve this.  

“Customer experience is more important than ever, and being a multi-site sales and production business, it’s crucial that we offer a streamlined experience where all these sites are seamlessly connected. We are also in the very early stages of implementing Hubspot across the group, and will be integrating this with Tharstern to ensure consistency across our sales, marketing, and customer service teams.” Paul Mason 

Precision Proco Group sees itself as more than a print service provider – they are a technology company that also manufactures print, and its vision is “smarter automation, smarter collaboration, and smarter utilization”. The Tharstern implementation is the driving force behind connecting those 3 goals together.

“Precision Proco came to us wanting to improve and streamline their business processes and workflow and become even more efficient than they were before the merger. There were previously unused parts of the MIS that they were keen to explore like CRM, scheduling, and automated impositions, as well as opportunities, to increase visibility across all their sites. They have some fantastic ideas and plans for the future, and we can’t wait to help guide them through the continued evolution of their MIS.” Lee Ward. 

Bionic Estimating: People, Process & Tech Power

Bionic Estimating: People, Process & Tech Power

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