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Dorset-based print company Dayfold has recently signed back up to Tharstern MIS, after moving to a different MIS supplier for a brief period.

Five years ago, Dayfold was using Tharstern Desktop but hadn’t kept up with the latest releases and found themselves playing catch up with technology. They made the decision to take on a different MIS, but in 2021 they reviewed this decision and returned to Tharstern.

“We went through a process of looking at different MIS suppliers to see which one we liked. We had lots of demos and spent a lot of time researching but we still felt Tharstern offered the best solution for now and for the future.” Del Simmons, Managing Director, Dayfold.

Dayfold has grown significantly over the past 10 years and understandably needed to make sure it had the right MIS to match its growth. They have expanded the amount of production kit on site and need an MIS that could get jobs through the factory quicker and more efficiently, as well as provide valuable data for reporting.

The quick estimating and scheduling, and the ability to handle more complex jobs and feed them to Prinect Pre-Press Manager were key for Dayfold’s automation goals. “We aren’t straightforward printers, every job is different and Tharstern can handle that. We have always had a great relationship with Lee Ward and the rest of the Tharstern team. They held our hands from the start and are still holding our hands through what’s been quite a complex implementation. The well-oiled nature of the company, alongside the experts that work there, has made the implementation a lot easier for us.”

Visibility is a big win for Dayfold - being able to easily view information from earlier jobs and understand what they’ve done, where they’ve done it and how that could affect future jobs is a crucial part of an MIS and making their business successful. Since deciding to re-implement, Tharstern announced their new integration with Carbon Quota. Dayfold has shown strong interest in the new integration and it’s looking likely it will be the next feature to add to Dayfold’s functionality because they have specific customers who place a lot of importance on their green ethos.

Reducing bottlenecks around the customer proofing stage is a goal for Dayfold and they are certain that Tharstern will help them speed that process up and minimize delays. Additionally, they are adding the Hubspot integration to further help customer experience and manage sales.

“We’re thrilled that Dayfold decided to work with us again and we’re looking forward to developing their workflow to reduce the bottlenecks they’ve been experiencing. Dayfold is still in the implementation stage but soon we’ll be adding integrations like Insoft IMP with Sheet Optimisation for further production efficiencies. We’re excited to see what they achieve with the system.” Lee Ward, CRO, Tharstern.

Bionic Estimating: People, Process & Tech Power

Bionic Estimating: People, Process & Tech Power

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