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"They were people who cared, not just an organization"

About Peczuh Printing

Peczuh Printing was founded in 1962 and is a family run business. For years and years they ran the company instinctively and made business decisions based on gut instinct, and though it saved them well they knew it wasn’t the healthy way to run a medium sized print shop.

“I joined straight from high school as the 6th employee, we know have in excess of 160 team members.” Frank Peczuh, President and Owner

In 2015, they acquired a sizeable print business and they each had their own MIS system in place, but they wanted one system so they could have transparency across the whole company.

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The Problem

After the business acquisition Peczuh purchased some software and after 18 months to 2 years of struggle, blood and tears they realised they just couldn’t make it work and just would not function in a way that suited them and achieve what they wanted to achieve. After a lot of time, money and resource, they decided it was time to look for something else.

“To come to that conclusion that we needed to abandon this effort, it was somewhat of a disaster. I’m not a software guy but I knew we had failed and we really had our tails between our legs, we didn’t know what to do.”

The Goal

They wanted a system that could give them transparency across all three production sites. It was a monumental task and they needed a partner that would roll their sleeves up and dive in to help. Peczuh needed a product that had an API which they could dive into and start making connection to other parts of their business, from web-to-print to FUJI XMF, accounting software – all the areas they wanted to develop.

It was critical they had a system that gave them the option to grow and connect to different software and devices.

On choosing Tharstern as their partner

President and Director, Frank Peczuh, admits in all his years in the print industry, he had never heard of Tharstern. But after looking into the system and speaking to the Tharstern team, he could tell Tharstern had the same drive and vision for their company.

“Tharstern set out a plan for our success, they had a platform of things that we could accomplish. They addresses our needs and address them well. So once again, we dove in and committed the staff and resources necessary.”

From the word go, Peczuh saw Tharstern as a partner and realized that Tharstern were there to help them at every turn and would take the time to really evaluate their business and find solutions instead of pointing fingers.

“They were people, not just an organisation. When there was a problem, when there was a challenge they educated us and took the time to make sure we understood our role, their role, and they also never hesitate to jump in, roll up their sleeves and go to work with us. It still happens all the time, that’s really important and why I look at them as a partner.”

How Peczuh have changed since implementing Tharstern

They now have full access to their SQL database, they can go in and create custom reports and really analyse their business data and processes so they can make informed business decisions instead of going off gut instinct like they used to.

It’s the first software they have had that shows how efficient they are with their estimating and whether they are pricing correctly based on the costs throughout their production process which is invaluable.

“Tharstern continues to be involved with the ongoing success as we continue to grow the system. Our next steps are to move that system to a more integrated automated system, throughout our entire organization and Tharstern is playing a part in the success of that.”

“There was significant investment in this project and it was a monumental task to get three facilities online with all the resources, people and training - Tharstern were willing to roll up their sleeves and really dive in with us to get where we wanted to be.”

Frank Peczuh
President and Director, Peczuh Printing

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