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H&H Reeds has been in business 140 years and offer a multichannel approach to marketing including web design, digital marketing, print and signage. 

Based in Cumbria in the North West, H&H Reeds pride themselves on their exceptional printed products created using the latest technology.

H&H Reeds spent a lot of time doing relatively mundane, repetitive tasks using printouts, files, and photocopying a lot of material. Because they belonged to a wider group of companies, the invoicing process was often drawn out and involved printing and posting, a very time-consuming and tedious process that they decided they needed to change. 

“People could have 50 invoices to approve a week, which doesn't sound a lot, but if they land on someone’s desk all at once, they're likely to keep putting it off, a week has gone by and a backlog is created. We wanted to change that by having a system in place instead.” Roger Blake, H&H Group. 


H&H Group wanted to automate everything they could to free up their team to do more beneficial tasks for the business, whether that be the investigation of anomalies, or allowing them to develop new skills so they can expand their offering into new areas. 


H&H Group discovered a software product called PaperLess Europe, which is aimed at accounting departments that want to save time and reduce the costs of managing business documents throughout the organization. The software works by automatically scanning, digitizing, and attaching invoices to their accounts package. 

Before H&H Group introduced them, Tharstern and PaperLess Europe had never worked together, so the two software providers set about working on a new integration that allowed purchase orders to be checked against the invoice amount and then posted onto Sage, along with the attached document.   

Roger Blake, Group Financial Accountant at H&H Group, had the whole team involved in the implementation, “I wanted those who would be using it on a day-to-day basis to be fully involved and part of the assessment process for which software we would choose.” 

The company has worked hard to create an engaged culture that embraces change, and they saw this investment pay off when it came to the implementation of PaperLess Europe and the integration with Tharstern. The process went very smoothly and H&H saw only positive impacts from the implementation, “This was quite a project for us - some people have been working in purchase ledger for 20 years, so moving from paper to automated technology was a huge step. But we’ve done it!” 

Employees are now able to focus on more added value work rather than repetitive data entry, and have more time to “buy smarter”.


This first stage of the integration project has been such a success that the company has decided to expand the use of PaperLess Europe out to the rest of the H&H Group. 

In the next stage of the project, emailed invoices will be automatically matched to the corresponding purchase orders in Tharstern and then automatically closed and posted into Sage.

"Even if only 50% or 60% of invoices match the purchase orders, it means that our accounts team will have to look through less than half of the invoices they used to have to manually process!" 


H&H Group wanted to remove touchpoints and unnecessary paperwork throughout the workflow to make their estimate-to-delivery journey quicker and simpler and wanted to work with Tharstern as their print MIS provider alongside PaperLess Europe to achieve this.


H&H Group introduced the two software providers, Tharstern and PaperLess Europe, and together they set about working on a brand new integration. See the webinar to learn more:

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"This was quite a project for us - some people have been working in purchase ledger for 20 years, so moving from paper to automated technology was a huge step. But we’ve done it!"
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