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An MIS partner that will help you beat the competition and lead the way.

A Management Information System created by workflow integration specialists, who can guide you through your technological evolution towards growth and success.



Key benefits

Work faster

Speed up estimating, reduce admin, and get jobs to press quicker.

Work smarter

Analyze the valuable data in your MIS and identify sales and growth opportunities.

Stand out

Develop added value services and deliver an exceptional customer experience.

Helping you succeed

Printers are operating in highly competitive market conditions and have been facing increasing pressure for over a decade. Industry rivalry has intensified over the last five years and this has led to a further 20% of printing companies going out of business.

To thrive in this industry, you need to create a competitive advantage. You need to embrace technology so that you can sell more than just print and deliver an exceptional customer experience.

We offer an MIS solution and workflow consultancy services to help you achieve this. We want to use our technology and knowledge to help you thrive.


What to expect on first contact

We will call you.

A phone call 

We'll call to discuss your vision and see if our MIS will be a good fit for your company.

We will arrange a visit.

A visit

If it is, we'll arrange a visit to show you how our MIS will work in your company.

We will send you a proposal.

A proposal

Following the visit and needs analysis, we'll send a proposal with our recommended solution.


Supporting all  disciplines of print

Digital Printing


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Offset Litho Printing

Offset Litho

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Large Format Printing

Large Format

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Flexible Packaging and Labels

Packaging & Labels

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Happy Customers

SunDance grew steadily for many years and their amazing team adapted to every change. Unfortunately their MIS could not, and they realized they needed to find an MIS that would help them build a custom workflow that would grow along with their business.  Find out how they made that decision.

Despite fighting tooth and nail for nearly 2 years, Peczuh Printing just couldn't make their MIS work.  They  knew they had to try again but couldn't go through another failed MIS implementation.  Hear the story of their journey and how they turned it all around so they could contribute to the community they love.

Want to see a live demo?

One of our experts can walk you through the features of the Tharstern MIS.