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Using your CRM and MIS for sales and marketing

Our sales and marketing guide shows you how to use your CRM and MIS to sell and market your print services. For those who don't currently have any marketing resource, we've also included explanations about each of the marketing approaches discussed in the guide.

Using CRM for Sales and Marketing


Download the guide to learn:
  • How to use your MIS to improve your sales and marketing activities.
  • How an integrated CRM and MIS make targeted marketing easier.
  • The different ways to target markets using your MIS and CRM.
  • How to select products/markets to target.
  • Examples of how you can filter data and use it in your business.
  • How to use your MIS to help manage your sales resource.
  • How to use your MIS to improve customer service and upsell.
  • Download our free guide by filling in the form on the right.

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