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5 stepS to choosing your MIS partner

Choosing a new MIS is a big deal - it sits right at the hub of your business.
So deciding which partner to go with is as important as selecting a new press.

Choosing MIS an Partner eBook-1-1


Our 5 step guide covers;

  • Getting prepared
  • Doing the research
  • Engaging suppliers
  • Background checks
  • Review and selection

And don’t worry - there’s no sales pitch. Just good solid advice that will help both the buyer and the vendor understand each other and make the process less stressful for all.

Whilst the MIS of old used to sit on its own, operated by your client facing teams, the modern MIS sits at the hub of the business, operated by all teams and bringing other key software and hardware together. The MIS should now provide an intuitive and smart workflow to either reduce your operating costs, sustain a growth strategy or a mixture of both. It should provide meaningful and easy to interpret management information to assist in critical business decision.

So it’s pretty important, right? Which means that, if you’re in the process of selecting an mis, you’re probably feeling quite anxious about making sure that you make the right decision. to help you we’ve put together these 5 steps to help you identify your needs.

You will need to spend a bit of time and effort to achieve full integration in your business but, if you do it right, you’re going to be impressed with the results. Prepare to see an increase in productivity, streamlined production, a reduction of errors, beמtter stock management and improved visibility of work. You’ll also be able to identify the true costs of each job, something that’s especially important with some of the expensive special effect printing." - Choosing Your MIS Partner