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Technology Guide for Printers

Workflow Automation Software

Using workflow software like Enfocus Switch or Zapier lets you integrate your software to make data sharing easier and automate repetitive tasks so your employees can spend more time on higher-value tasks. This could be by simplifying your artwork approval process, automatically creating more efficient production layouts, or minimizing user intervention with automatic information posting.

Some examples of workflow automation apps are:

Example of how workflow automation works with an MIS solution:

We’ve used the Enfocus Switch software as an example here, but you will be able to achieve different levels of automation with different Workflow Automation software applications. Here are some examples of how this type of software integrates with an MIS:

  1. Automated preflighting – Switch will compare artwork PDF with the original estimate created in your MIS, presenting you with any differences it can spot. These errors can then be dealt with manually by a CSR, or you can even automate some of the preflighting decisions by telling Switch how to fix an issue that fits in with specific criteria e.g. If a 2PP document is 3 times the width of the original 6PP file, then auto-select the ‘spread’ option to modify the Tharstern job to match the artwork.
  2. Remote approvals – The PDF review module within Switch is a simple but powerful tool that allows users to check digital proofs for a job without the need for any login credentials. In the Tharstern MIS, this is embedded directly within Tharstern, and approval stages are recorded in the MIS software too.

How an MIS connects to workflow automation apps:

An MIS solution will connect to Workflow Automation Software using an API. You will need to call on the services of either your MIS partner or a dedicated workflow consultant to help you set this integration up.