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Many of our customers are commercial and trade printers using litho and digital technologies.

What they need

Printers are operating in highly competitive market conditions and have been facing increasing pressure for the past decade.  Demand for print has dropped with the increased use of digital media and prices are being forced down as a result.  The invention of print management companies has further driven down prices and competition in the sector is tough.

Our customers in the printing sector are now looking for ways to meet the increased demands for cheaper, quicker jobs and stand out from the crowd.

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Their challenges

Keep up to date with technology

Technology continues to change the printing industry at a rapid rate and print companies need to stay up to date with the latest technologies available. They need advice about which ones can help their business and support on how to use them.

Provide faster turnarounds

Printers are trying to find new ways to speed up production processes so that they can meet the demand for faster turnarounds. They want a more streamlined, integrated workflow that reduces the need for human intervention.

Improve margins

Print companies are looking for ways to measure accurate job costings so that they focus on the most profitable jobs. They also want a more efficient workflow so they can increase the profits of each job.

Beat the competition

Not only are our customers experiencing increased competition from other printing companies, but they're also combating the increased use of digital media and digital delivery of documents and data. They need to find ways to stand out from the crowd, increase customer spend and attract new business.

How we help

How well a printing company deals with the above challenges is dependent on the business processes that they have in place.  A company that uses spreadsheets to produce estimates and that has to manually re-key information from one place to another will find these challenges more difficult than most.  

So we help our customers to create a central MIS system that simplifies and automates their administrative and business processes without the need for additional human resource.  We provide them with a means to analyse costs and trends and target the work that’s most profitable.

Accurate job costing and intelligent estimating
We help our customers increase profit margins by giving them the means to produce intelligent estimates, accurately analyse the costings of each job and compare them with the original quote.
Integration with other technologies

We support our customers by telling them about new and emerging technologies, work with these technology companies to achieve integration and then provide updates and resources to our customers on how these technologies can help them.

Streamlined workflows
We help our customers streamline their workflow by hooking up the different departments they have through one central MIS system and providing information about the entire workflow to everyone who needs it.
Sales and marketing

Our CRM and marketing tools help printing companies to engage with customers and prospects, access essential data on-the-go and create marketing campaigns that are targeted and measurable.




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