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Label converters

Our MIS provides label converters with a custom solution that meets the needs of their industry.

What they need

Label companies have unique specifications, workflows, and standards to the rest of the printing industry and are looking for someone who speaks their language.  

Like any print company, they’re looking to increase profit margins, accurately analyse job costs and drive more sales through their business.  But they also have needs more specific to their industry.  They need an estimating tool that takes into account bespoke label production processes and an MIS that can seamlessly integrate with their other essential software.

"Tharstern have provided us with an easy-to-use solution to help us to grow and run our business effectively and efficiently! "

Declan O'Rourke
Label World

Their needs

Increase margins

Label printers are looking for ways to streamline their production workflow and create efficiencies that will increase the profits of each job. They also want to measure accurate job costings so that they focus on the most profitable jobs.

Be a more efficient business

Our customers are trying to find new ways to speed up label production processes so that they can meet the demand for faster turnarounds. They want a more streamlined, integrated workflow that reduces the need for human intervention.

Increase sales

Looking to stand out from the crowd, our customers need a way to increase engagement with customers and prospects. They want to increase customer spend and attract new business, and they want to do it all through their MIS.

Integration with CAD

Our customers’ CAD based software is an essential part of their business and so they don’t want it to stand in isolation from their MIS – they want an integrated solution that saves time and speeds up the production process.

How we help

We work with our label customers to develop a solution aimed at their specific needs.  We help them to create an integrated system that operates at the core of their business, providing essential management data, streamlining workflows and increasing sales and profits.

Product-specific estimating and job costing
Using product-specific template libraries our intelligent estimating tool allows label printers to provide accurate, cost effective estimates. Intelligent routing logic recommends the most efficient production routing path. Our job costing tools provide accurate costs for each job, providing valuable management data that allows our customers to focus on the jobs, customers and sectors that are most profitable.
Sales and marketing
Our CRM and marketing tools help label printing companies to engage with customers and prospects, access essential data on-the-go and create marketing campaigns that are targeted and measurable.
Streamlined workflows
We help our customers speed up their workflow by hooking up the different departments they have through one central MIS system and providing information about the entire workflow to everyone who needs it. By reducing the need for human intervention, the workflow is accelerated and quality is increased.
CAD and prepress integration

We help our customers increase automation by integrating their MIS with industry-leading CAD and prepress systems such as Esko ArtiosCAD and Kodak Prinergy. Using JDF, XML or CSV files, information is transferred automatically between the MIS and other software and hardware.



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