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Who we help

Our MIS solutions are used at nearly 700 sites and by more than 7,000 users worldwide.  Not all of them are robots.

We're passionate about making sure our software solves real problems for our customers. That's why we develop solutions that are targeted for the different sectors that we work in.  To find out how we can help your company, select your industry from the list below.

Printers are operating in highly competitive market conditions and have been facing increasing pressure for the past decade.  Our customers are now looking for ways to meet the increased demands for cheaper, quicker jobs and stand out from the crowd.
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The MIS choices available to packaging companies have historically been limited to bespoke solutions, often based on enterprise solutions or limited systems from smaller suppliers.  But our packaging customers demand more and want an easy-to-use MIS that’s bespoke to their industry and needs.
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Label companies have unique specifications, workflows, and standards to the rest of the printing industry and are looking for someone who speaks their language.  They’re looking to increase profits, sales and efficiencies, but they also have more specific needs.  

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Large format

Wide format is a growing sector in the print industry - but this type of work comes with its own unique requirements, and an MIS for a wide format company needs to be able to cope with complex campaigns and manage multi-job orders. 

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