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Webinar: Success-Boosting Tips and Tricks for your MIS Implementation

Wednesday 3rd  July, 4pm

Wednesday 3rd July

In the second part of our MIS implementation webinar series, we’ll be sharing some motivational tips and tricks to help you knock your MIS project out of the park! Attend the session to find out:

  • How to stay motivated and get your project tasks done on time, every time!
  • Why ‘eating the frog’ will make your project seem like a breeze.
  • Stretch goals, how they can help.
  • Is there such a thing as time management?

For around 8 years, our Customer Enrolment Manager, Ross Edwards has helped around 200 customers have successful implementation projects. Ross will be accompanied by Rowan Smart, Head of Projects at Tharstern. They will both be sharing all their genius hacks and nuggets of wisdom that they've picked up while working in MIS implementation.

You can find the first part of this webinar series here


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