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Technology Guide for Printers

Stock and Substrate Ordering Software

Paper merchants such as Premier Papers and Antalis have online ordering catalogues that printers can use to check stock and order substrate. Some printing companies have streamlined this process by integrating this service into their MIS software.

Printing companies who have an integrated substrate catalogue within their MIS can check stock and place orders without having to leave their main MIS solution. This is what happens:

  • Users can place orders online.
  • Purchase orders are created automatically in the Supplier's management system.
  • Order acknowledgements are received automatically.
  • Materials are consolidated to achieve preferential rates.
  • The MIS splits orders automatically between bulk packed and ream packed.

An example of this is our integration with Antalis, which allows our users to check electronic product catalogues and price files from within their MIS. We also have a connection to Premier Papers through the Zaikio middleware application.

How the integration with an MIS solution works:

We created our connection to Antalis through custom development to our MIS software, essentially creating a live link between the two applications. However, our connection with Zaikio is different – it is part of a wider set of connections that are available through the Zaikio service. In this scenario, any Tharstern user who subscribes to the Zaikio service is able to connect automatically to Premier Papers without the need to approach either partner. In the future, as Zaikio adds more MIS providers and paper merchants to their list of integration partners, users of other software and suppliers will be able to do the same.