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Server and Infrastructure Requirements

System Requirements - Tharstern 6.x

Server Requirements 

A server running Microsoft Windows is required to run the Tharstern system which is comprised of a series of components as follows:

Server Components
The database and related objects, stored on Microsoft SQL server.
A series of internal web sites and pages - to be hosted on IIS.
Windows Services to be installed on the server.
Programs and other assets such as reports, which are accessed from a client workstation via a network share.

Required and supported, server software and services are as follows: 

Server Software and Services
Microsoft Windows 2008 R2, 2012 (inc. R2) or 2016 server (standard or enterprise editions).
Microsoft SQL server 2008 R2, 2012, 2014, 2016 or 2017 (express or standard edition).
Microsoft internet information server.
Microsoft .NET framework 2.0 SP1 and 4.0.
Suitable remote access for Tharstern support.
Suitable back-up and antivirus facilities.

Example Server Specifications

The specifications below are for servers running Windows  server, IIS, file sharing, backup and anti-virus, Microsoft SQL server and the Tharstern MIS only. Should other software and services also be running on the same server, these specifications may need to be revised. It is also worth noting that these specifications are based on a fully live and operational system for the relevant number of users.

Up to 15 Users  
Processor Intel Quad Core XEON 2.4GHz or above
Memory (RAM) 8 - 16gb RAM
Server Network Speed 1gbps
Storage Allowance 10 - 25gb (excluding attachments)
RAID Level RAID 5 recommended
SQL Server Edition Microsoft SQL server express or standard edition*
Other Spare USB port (non-virtual instance only)


Up to 25 Users  
Processor Intel Hex Core XEON 2.4GHz or above
Memory (RAM) 12 - 24gb RAM
Server Network Speed Dual 1gbps
Storage Allowance 25 - 50gb (excluding attachments)
RAID Level RAID 5 or better highly recommended
SQL Server Edition Microsoft SQL server standard edition*
Other Spare USB post (non-virtual instances only)


25 - 50 Users  
Processor Intel Hex Core XEON 2.4GHz or above
Memory (RAM) 16 - 32gb RAM
Server Network Speed Quad 1gbps
Storage Allowance 50 - 100gb (excluding attachments)
RAID Level RAID 5 or RAID 10
SQL Server Edition Microsoft SQL server standard edition*
Other Spare USB port (non-virtual instances only)

*Microsoft SQL Server Express edition is suitable in most small environments, however may not offer the performance or features required for your deployment or business.  It is also suitable for larger environments as a temporary solution whilst the system is rolled out, or whilst the solution scales as long as a plan / budget exists to upgrade at a later date.


Tharstern fully supports virtualization using hypervisors from VMWare, and Microsoft Hyper-V. In these cases, the specifications above, particularly for processor and memory, should be considered as dedicated to the virtual machine acting as the Tharstern server and not to the host server - which may be running additional virtual machines.


In addition to on-premise virtualization, Tharstern can be installed on cloud hosted server(s) such as those found on Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS. As with virtualization, the specifications of the virtual machines should be comparable to those listed above. It is also a requirement that operation of Tharstern over a wide area network, such as that from a central data center or cloud, requires the use of Remote Desktop Services/Terminal Services or similar technology for client access. Cloud hosting also brings with it several additional requirements and considerations in regards to authentication, email and integration - among others. If you are considering either private or public cloud based hosting it is worth arranging a conversation between your IT provider and our technical teams.

Storage Allowance

The above values are a guide only, based on our experience and allows for Tharstern applications and data only, and excludes any storage space required for attachments.

Scaling Out

In addition to the single server specifications above, multiple servers with dedicated roles can also be used. For example the Tharstern database can be stored on an existing, central, SQL Server to minimize licensing costs. On very large systems dedicated servers may be recommended for the Tharstern Services and Web Applications.

Other Information

It is recommended that the Tharstern server is joined to a domain as a member server.

The Tharstern server should not be used for the hosting of Remote Desktop Services Clients.