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IS INDUSTRY 4.0 RELEVANT FOR MY PRINT BUSINESS?   (and how do I prepare for it?)

You've seen the term around, probably read a couple of articles about it, but now it's time to get serious. 🤔 It's time to really understand what technologies of Industry 4.0 are relevant for your print business, and work out what you need to do before the competition beats you to it.

In this chat-show style discussion, our CEO Keith is joined by Ross Edwards from Tharstern and Kelvin Bell from web-to-print specialist Vpress, to discuss questions such as these:

  • Which technologies of Industry 4.0 are relevant to print?
  • How should printers use these technologies for maximum benefit?
  • Will Industry 4.0 lead to a commoditization of print?
  • What are the biggest opportunities for automation in a printing company?

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