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Technology Guide for Printers

Print Production Software

Press operators use Print Production Software (or Press Control Software) to process the print instructions for each job (e.g. substrate, size, and ink data) and then combine these with the printing plate to output the job.

When integrated with an MIS solution, this can be driven automatically from the MIS but the Press software will still need to combine the job data with the ink data from prepress, and (in an offset environment), a plate will need to exist.

Often these Print Production software applications provide valuable real-time feedback back to the MIS such as substrate usage, speed, and output quantity.

Other terms used to describe these software apps:

  • Press software
  • Printing press software
  • Printing press management software
  • Print production workflow software
  • Print production management software

How an MIS connects to Print Production Workflow:

An MIS connects to Print Production software such as Prinect Production and LogoTronic through JDF, which stands for Job Definition Format and is basically a language that was created to define the various aspects of a printing job so that unrelated software applications could pass information to each other and understand it.

To achieve a JDF connection between a Print MIS solution and Print Production Software, you will need to speak to your MIS provider, who will have experience in creating integrated workflows such as these. The more common applications below will have established integrations, but your MIS partner should be able to create custom integrations if you are using uncommon Print Production software.

Examples of Print Production software that MIS solutions connect with: